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The Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of polka music. The Polka Hall of Fame & Museum is located in the Shore Cultural Center in Euclid, Ohio, USA. The American Slovenian Polka Foundation, which operates the Museum, was founded in 1987. A volunteer board of trustees is elected by the present 1600 members. The trustees represent all segments of polka music, including musicians, promoters, cultural societies, disc jockeys, and button accordion players. During Thanksgiving weekend, the Polka Hall of Fame produces an annual Awards Show. Members vote for the Trustees Honor Roll, as well the annual Lifetime Achievement recipients. The Honorees receive a Crystal Award Trophy. The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor presented and includes enshrinement in the Polka Hall of Fame.








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The National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame was founded in 1987 by musicians and leaders of Slovenian and ethnic organizations. The museum traces the story of the city's home-grown sound from its roots in the old Slovenian neighborhoods to nationwide popularity with audio exhibits, historic photographs and original instruments. The archive preserves 3,000 vintage recordings, some dating back to 1916.

As a nonprofit organization, the Polka Hall of Fame and Museum relies on fundraising and memberships. For more information, call the Cleveland Style Polka Hall Off Fame.

The National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame Museum is filled with artifacts and memoribilia from polka stars of yesterday and today. Some of the highlights include America's Polka King, Frank Yankovic's accordion and stage outfits, Johnny Pecon's accordion and Cleveland's Polka King, Johnny Vadnal's accordion along with many other items. Within these walls you will also find memoribilia dating back to the turn of the century as well as information on those who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Within these walls, you can trace the development of the Cleveland-style polka beginning in 1900, through each decade to the present. There is a special place dedicated to Lifetime Achievement Honorees, the Trustees Honor Roll and the Greatest All-Time Hits. The museum has also established an archive library and video collection of polka history.


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The Polka Hall of Fame and Museum is located in the Shore Cultural Center in Euclid, Ohio, in close proximity to the Collinwood neighborhood where leading polka musicians lived such as Frankie Yankovic, Johnny Vadnal, Johnny Pecon and Eddie Habat. The Museum has free admission and is open four days a week.


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National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame Museum



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National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame




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25th Awards Show on November, 24

The Tony Petkovsek Award for Outstanding Achievement for Polka Music goes to Ray Somich (first time the award has been given) Other winners announced during the show were: SNPJ Farm, Kirtland, Ohio - Joe Gabrosek and Gene Kovack - Joey Tomsick - Fairport Jammers - Dale Bucar - Brian O'Boyle - Al Bambic - Mark Habat - Frank Okicki - George Staiduhar.


The All-Star Band of Lifetime Achievement musicians play at the dance on Thursday and Friday nights, and was the All-Star Band for the Awards Show. The musicians for the Show were: Fred Gregorich, Fred Kuhar, George Staiduhar on accordion, Ron Sluga on banjo and guitar, Dick Tady and Dick Flaisman on saxophones, Jack Tady on drums.  There is no Lifetime bass player (alive) so Mikey Dee played the upright bass. The Legends Lifetime Band downtown featured most of the above musicians plus Walter Ostanek, Hank Thunander, Eddie Rodick, Fred Ziwich, and  Hank Haller.

Frankie Spetich checked into the Marriott Hotel and was due to play downtown and in the Awards Show, but on Thanksgiving morning he was rushed to the local hospital. Frankie returned home to Barberton.  


The Show entertainment was outstanding the Chardon Polka Band is definitely a breath of fresh air and offers something new to make polka music fun for everyone.  LynnMarie Rink is a real professional - she and her one-woman show won first place in a contest for new shows, in New York City.  Dick Flaisman and Cecilia Dolgan sang "Red Lips and Red Wine Polka" with Eddie Rodick and Fred Ziwich and the All-Star Band. Walter Ostanek and Hank Thunander with vocalist Murray McFadgen opened the Show with Just Because.  


The vice-president of Slovenia Ljudmila Novak, Minister for Slovenians abroad, was a presenter for the Cultural/Heritage Award, and also gave a presentation to the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary.

Fr. Frank Perkovich gave a witty acceptance speech, and ended it by saying, "I approve of the previous message."   Eddie Vallus received Lifetime recognition and performed the Greatest All-TIme Hit Song "Tic-Tock Polka" with vocalist John Ross.  Steve Meisner also received the Lifetime Achievement award, and performed a medley with his band. Steve Meisner plays Cleveland-style as well as any Cleveland band.