Fred Kuhar


Alphabetical Listing Of Song Titles



Big Bang Polka (The Way You Remember Them)

Blue Skirt Waltz (World Class Waltzes)

Call Of The Mountains Waltz (The Way You Remember Them)

Cheryl’s Symphony Waltz (World Class Waltzes)

Chimes Waltz (The Kuhar Style)

Chopin’s Chalet Waltz (The Kuhar Style)

Country House Polka (The Way You Remember Them)

Down By The Riverside (The Kuhar Style)

Grb Polka (The Way You Remember Them)

Here Come The Hoyer Boys (Side By Side)

Highways Are Happy Ways Polka (Side By Side)

Homecoming Waltz (Side By Side)

Hoyer’s Polka (The Way You Remember Them)

Hu La La La Polka (Side By Side)

I Lied To You Polka (Side By Side)

I’ll Remember Today Waltz (Side By Side)

I’ve Got A Date With Molly Polka (The Way You Remember Them)

If You Come Back Waltz (The Way You Remember Them)

Jeffrey’s Polka (The Kuhar Style)

Jolly Fellows Waltz (World Class Waltzes)

June Night Polka (Side By Side)

Kiss Waltz (World Class Waltzes)

Lassie Waltz (The Kuhar Style)

Little Fella Waltz (Featuring Paul Yanchar) (Side By Side)

Lubrizol Polka (Side By Side)

Lucille (Side By Side)

Ma, She’s Makin’ Eyes At Me Polka (Side By Side)

Magic Flute Polka (The Kuhar Style)

Manhattan Polka (The Kuhar Style)

Marlene Waltz (Side By Side)

Marybelle Polka (The Kuhar Style)

Mediterranean Nights Medley (World Class Waltzes)

Medley: Poinciana/Green Eyes (The Kuhar Style)

Mom And Dad Waltz (Side By Side)

Mother’s Bouquet Waltz (Side By Side)

Mountain Polka (The Kuhar Style)

My Treasure Waltz (World Class Waltzes)

Oktoberfest Polka (The Kuhar Style)

On The Bridge Waltz (The Kuhar Style)

Over The Waves Waltz (World Class Waltzes)

Rose Of The South Waltz (World Class Waltzes)

Sail On, Sail On Waltz (World Class Waltzes)

Side By Side (Side By Side)

Silk Umbrella Polka (The Way You Remember Them)

Silver Moon Waltz (World Class Waltzes)

Swinarski’s Polka (The Kuhar Style)

Terezinka (The Way You Remember Them)

The Blue Danube Waltz (Side By Side)

Tinker Polka (The Kuhar Style)

Tino’s Polka (The Kuhar Style)

Too Good To Be True Waltz (Side By Side)

Under My Window Waltz (The Way You Remember Them)

Vienna Nights Medley (World Class Waltzes)

Walking Hand In Hand Waltz (The Way You Remember Them)

Wandering Waltz (World Class Waltzes)

Whermacht Flieger Polka (Side By Side)

Wine, Women And Song Waltz (The Way You Remember Them)

You’ll Be Sorry Polka (Side By Side)