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Alphabetical Listing Of Song Titles



Allecheny Mood (Polka Portraits)

Alone Again (Dance Again)

Alone Again (I'll Send Roses)

Alone Again (Through The Years)

Angry (Dance Again)

Anna Marie (One More Dance)

Arbies Polka (I'll Send Roses)

Artistry In Polkas (Last Dance)

Baby, Baby (Everywhere You Go)

Bar Room Polka (45 Record)

Beautiful Slovenia (Slovenian American Favorites)

Beautiful Tulips (Polka Portraits)

Beautiful Youth (Dance Again)

Beer Garden Polka (Beer Garden Polkas)

Beer Garden Polka (Through The Years)

Before They Take Me Away (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

Big Bang Polka (Swiss Polkas & Waltzes)

Chalet Polka (Polka Portraits)

Chalet Polka (Through The Years)

Champagne (Dance Again)

Cherokee Polka (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

Clap And Turn Polka (45 Record)

Come To The Mountain (45 Record)

Come To The Mountain (Slovenian American Favorites)

Come To The Mountain (Through The Years)

Come Waltz With Me (I'll Send Roses)

Corby's Polka (One More Dance)

Cruising Down The River (Everywhere You Go)

Crying Polka (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

Dance 'N Dance 'N Dance 'N (Polka Portraits)

Dance Little Bird (One More Dance)

Dancing Doll Polka (One More Time)

Dixie Lizard (Last Dance)

Do What You Do Polka (Polka Stalgia 1)

Doc's Polka (One More Dance)

Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes (Dance Again)

Down On The Caribbean (Dance Again)

Dupane Polka (Swiss Polkas & Waltzes)

Edelweiss (45 Record)

Edelweiss (One More Time)

Edelweiss (Slovenian American Favorites)

Eins, Zwei, Drei Vier (I'll Send Roses)

Erica (Dance Again)

Es Ist So Schone (One More Dance)

Everywhere You Go (Everywhere You Go)

Freeway Polka (Everywhere You Go)

From Luzerne (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

Georgie Boy Polka (Everywhere You Go)

Good Time Polka (Polka Portraits)

Green Valley (Through The Years)

Greetings From Switzerland (Swiss Polkas & Waltzes)

Happy Bjutton Polka (Everywhere You Go)

Happy Polka Time (Through The Years)

Happy Voices Waltz (One More Time)

Heidi Waltz (Beer Garden Polkas)

Hey Cavalier Polka (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

Hi Li Hi Lo (Beer Garden Polkas)

Hokey Pokey Polka (Last Dance)

Hold Me (Last Dance)

Home Home Why Go Home (Beer Garden Polkas)

Homecoming Waltz (One More Time)

Homestyle Polka (Swiss Polkas & Waltzes)

Homestyle Polka (Through The Years)

I Want Some Lovin' (I'll Send Roses)

I Want To Go Where You Go (Polka Portraits)

I Wish I Was Back In Slovenia (Slovenian American Favorites)

I'll Drink To That (One More Dance)

I'll Send Roses (Dance Again)

I'll Send Roses (I'll Send Roses)

Ill Cry For You (Slovenian American Favorites)

In Beautiful Switzerland (Slovenian American Favorites)

In The Mountain (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

Incline Polka (Swiss Polkas & Waltzes)

It's Happy Polka Time (Slovenian American Favorites)

Jamaican Holiday Polka (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

Jay's Polka (One More Time)

Jay's Polka (Through The Years)

Joey's Polka (One More Time)

Katie's Lullaby (Dance Again)

Little John's Polka (One More Dance)

Little Patricia (Slovenian American Favorites)

Little Shoemaker (Beer Garden Polkas)

Little Village Waltz (I'll Send Roses)

Longing For Switzerland (Through The Years)

Lost Love (One More Time)

Love Me Dear (One More Time)

Love Me Dear (Polka Portraits)

Maybe (Through The Years)

Maybe Polka (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

Merry Go Round (Slovenian American Favorites)

Milwaukee Waltz (Last Dance)

Miskies Polka (I'll Send Roses)

Miskies Polka (Through The Years)

Moonlight Schottische (Swiss Polkas & Waltzes)

Morning Glow (Through The Years)

Mountain Rainbow (45 Record)

Mountain Rainbow (Beer Garden Polkas)

No Beer On Sunday (45 Record)

No Beer On Sunday (One More Time)

Old Accordion (Last Dance)

Old Fashioned Walk (45 Record)

Old Fashioned Walk (Beer Garden Polkas)

Old Fashioned Walk (Through The Years)

Old Homestead (Everywhere You Go)

Old Timers Polka (Swiss Polkas & Waltzes)

Old Times Waltz (Slovenian American Favorites)

On Lake Zurich (45 Record)

One For The Road (I'll Send Roses)

One More Dance (One More Dance)

One More Dance (Through The Years)

One More Time (45 Record)

One More Time (One More Time)

Papa Won't You Dance (Last Dance)

Payroll Polka (Beer Garden Polkas)

Pear Picker (Through The Years)

Pee Tee Polka (I'll Send Roses)

Pere Polka (Slovenian American Favorites)

Please Forgive Me (Everywhere You Go)

Polka Man (Last Dance)

Poochies Polka (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

Quanta La Custa (Slovenian American Favorites)

Raise The Glasses (One More Time)

Rb's Polka (Last Dance)

Ripps Polka (Everywhere You Go)

Roll Along Silvery Moon (One More Dance)

Round And Round (Everywhere You Go)

Round And Round (Through The Years)

Sammy's Polka (Beer Garden Polkas)

Schatzie (Last Dance)

Sit Down Polka (Polka Portraits)

Ski, Ski, Ski (45 Record)

Ski, Ski, Ski (Through The Years)

Sleepy Head Waltz (Everywhere You Go)

Sleepy Head Waltz (Through The Years)

Smile (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

Smiles (Slovenian American Favorites)

Snow Bells (Swiss Polkas & Waltzes)

Snow Waltz (Through The Years)  

Snowmobiling (45 Record)

So You Think You're Smart (Beer Garden Polkas)

Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen (Through The Years)

Squeezers Polka (Slovenian American Favorites)

Step To Rear (Polka Portraits)

Strabane Polka (Swiss Polkas & Waltzes)

Swiss Boy (Beer Garden Polkas)

Swiss Waltz In G (Swiss Polkas & Waltzes)

Teach Me How To Yodel (45 Record)

Teach Me How To Yodel (Through The Years)

The Ertzman (Slovenian American Favorites)

The Girl That I Merry (Dance Again)

The Night They Invented (Dance Again)

The Pear Picker (Dance Again)

The Quit Women (Slovenian American Favorites)

The Shepard (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

The Wind Song (Polka Portraits)

They Go Wild (One More Dance)

Ting A Ling (I'll Send Roses)

Toy Accordion (Through The Years)

Toy Accordion Polka (Swiss Polkas & Waltzes)

Trumpet Echoes (I'll Send Roses)

Vienna Forever (Everywhere You Go)

Waltz Of The Bells (Through The Years)

Wedding Of The Wind (Swiss Polkas & Waltzes)

When I Saw You Standing There (Squeeze Your A-Cor-Deen)

When You're Smiling (One More Dance)

Who The Hell Is Johnny (Last Dance)

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Last Dance)

Who's Sorry Now (Dance Again)

Why Did You Take My Heart Away (Polka Portraits)

Why Rock & Roll (Last Dance)

Wiener Polka (Beer Garden Polkas)

Will You Love Me (One More Dance)

Will You Love Me (Through The Years)

Wind Song (Through The Years)

Wirlaway Waltz (Polka Portraits)

Yodel In The Morning (Slovenian American Favorites)

Yodeler's Lullabye (Last Dance)

Yodeling Through Life (Last Dance)

You Are Like Heaven (45 Record)

You Are Like Heaven (One More Time)

You Are Like Heaven (Through The Years)

You Are Like Heaven Waltz (Polka Stalgia 2)

You're Just In Love (One More Dance


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