Wouter The Polkaman





Alphabetical Listing Of Song Titles



Always Happy Polka (Piraten Cd Volume 47)

Butterfly Waltz (Piraten Cd Volume 46)

Gezelligheids Polka (Polka Party Live In Holland)

Hollandse Polka Medley (Wouter & Friends)

Homeland Polka (Piraten Cd Volume 56)

Homeland Polka (Wouter & Friends)

Jan's Polka (Piraten Cd Volume 58)

Je Moet Toch Weten (Piraten Cd Volume 49)

Just Because (Wouter & Friends)

Moi Fantje Polka Medley (Piraten Cd Volume 50)

Moj Fantje Polka Medley (Polka Time)

Moj Fantje Polka Medley (Wouter & Friends)

Moja Dekla Polka (Piraten Cd Volume 60)

Mountain Climber Polka (Polka Time)

Mountain Climber's Polka (Polka Party Volume 1)

My Mary Polka (Piraten Cd Volume 57)

My Mary Polka (Wouter & Friends)

My Wife Is Happy Polka (Piraten Cd Volume 52)

Ode Aan De Piraat (Piraten Cd Volume 51)

Ode Aan De Valkenier (Piraten Cd Volume 50)

Old Timers Polka (45 Record)

Party Polka (Piraten Cd Volume 49)

Party Polka (Polka Time)

Paty Polka (Wouter & Friends)

Polka Party (Polka Party Volume 1)

Radio De Zwarte Man Polka (Piraten Cd Volume 55)

Red Raven Polka (Wouter & Friends)

Red Raven Polka Polka (Piraten Cd Volume 54)

Roseann Polka (45 Record)

Roseann Polka (Piraten Cd Volume 59)

Silver Button Box Polka (Piraten Cd Volume 51)

Silver Button Box Polka (Polka Time)

Slovenian Picnic Polka (Piraten Cd Volume 48)

Slovenian Picnic Polka (Polka Party Live In Holland)

Slovenian Picnic Polka (Polka Time)

The Beer Medley (Piraten Cd Volume 55)

The Beer Medley (Wouter & Friends)

Up In The Mountains (Piraten Cd Volume 50)

Up In The Mountains (Polka Time)

Waltz Medley (Piraten Cd Volume 53)

Waltz Medley (Wouter & Friends)

Weltenbumler Polka (Polka Party Live In Holland)

Yankovic Waltz Medley (Piraten Cd Volume 57)

Yankovic Waltz Medley (Wouter & Friends)